About Us

Riding the success of their albums Bloom & deadheads, Cannibal Kids have garnered millions of streams and thousands of fans worldwide and across the net. Rooting South Florida, Damian Gutierrez (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Dustin Diaz (Lead Guitar) and Luke Faulkingham (Drums) have proven themselves to be excellent songwriters, competent producers, and show stopping performers. Gathering major support in Miami with their refreshing tropical-pop sound, enthralling vocal melodies, infectious guitar riffs, and dancey grooves they’ve left their impact on the music scene and beyond. After getting signed to Shaemax Records in 2016, the band has put out several hit singles like “Troubled Mind”, “Love Girl” and “Voicemail” which have all peaked on college radio and streamed millions of times collectively. The band has been on nationwide tours, shared the main stage with the likes of Young the Giant, Knox Hamilton, Chelsea Cutler and many more. The demand for their shows has only increased over time, selling out Florida performances seven times in the last two years. 


Inspired by Japanese City Pop, jazz, indie and alternative-rock such as Kero Kero Bonito, Hiroshi Sato, Astrud Gilberto and Junko Ohashi, Cannibal Kids have been able to find a unique tone that thrives off of high energy and groovy tunes. While gaining thousands of followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram the band has close relationships with their hyper-active fan base in South Florida and across the nation. Fans do tribute videos, covers, memes, make custom  jewelry and design their own Cannibal Kids clothing! 


Cannibal Kids are moving up and have no intention of stopping. 2021 will be full of new music, videos and online content.