About Us

Writing songs about love and their reality, and inspired by the fast-paced, ocean-sized heat of South Florida, the band has been making music together for half their lives. Damian Gutierrez (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar) and Dustin Diaz (Lead Guitar) met in Middle School and started making music together, playing in multiple projects across different styles. Damian later met Luke Faulkingham (Drums) and brought him into the band. Learning the ropes of the local Miami scene, and building their music profile, the band eventually transitioned into Cannibal Kids. 


Inspired by Japanese City Pop and popular indie and alternative acts, such as Kero Kero Bonito, Rex Orange County, Hiroshi Sato, and Junko Ohashi. Cannibal Kids have been able to find a unique tone that thrives off of high energy and groovy tunes. Cannibal Kids have already completed multiple US Tours and are planning more come 2020. While gaining thousands of followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram the band has close relationships with their hyper fan base in South Florida and across the nation. Fans do tribute videos, covers, memes, make earring jewelry and design their own Cannibal Kids clothing! 


Their debut single ”Troubled Mind” was a big hit for the boys making them one of the most popular bands in Florida, garnering over a million streams! Their debut album “Bloom” was released on Shaemax Records in 2017.  in 2020, the band released their long awaited sophmore album "deadheads".