My Boy/My Girl

Beginning poem:
I've waited in the steam room,
Sweating all my life,
My body is broken,
From bleeding all the time,
The kids are savage,
You can see it in their eye,
They're lost with no reason,
And feel death before they die.

Verse 1:
I've found a place to go,
Inside your heart of gold,
I have only just begun,

Inside this wasted room,
I've got my heart in two,
You are my only one desire

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohhhh
Oh ohhh, ohhh oh ohhh
Verse 2:
Black jeans and white perfume,
Is all I ask from you,
These are my favorite times

Your soul is locked on me,
I'm falling through the trees,
I feel the grass surrounding me

Pre Chorus:
Eating, sleeping every chance we get

So let's say that you and I,
Are one,
So let's say that you and I,
Are fine,