Name: Damian Guti

Birthday: November 21

Hometown: Homestead

Interests: Movies

Favorite Color: Green

Vocals // Rhythm Guitar 

The Rig

We have Sara!! Damian's dynamic, daring, sticker-blasted Fender Stratocaster in pink (Assembled in Indonesia, sorry guys it's only all American by spirit 🇺🇸). It comes complete with a Vox Valuetronix VT120+ amp, which gives the perfect clean & twangy tone that CK songs always have. This rhythm guitar hold down all those taste riffs, licks and chord progressions! Sara is a diverse instrument with a long history, in fact, the oldest member of the band, going on 6 years! This pseudo art piece has been (and will continue to be) Damian's personal project. Each sticker has it own story, each coming from different part of the world, representing a different experience. There are more than are shown in these pictures, a lot are hidden to be found later.



About Naruto

Listening to: