The Kit

Luke's loud, heavy-hitting, beat-holding Ludwig Signet Terrabeat drum set in Alpine blue made with American Maple wood! This ALL AMERICAN kit comes complete with an Orange County maple snare and toms with Evan EC2 heads. For cymbals he's got a 22" Sabian Paragon ride, 16" and 18" Istanbul Xist crashes, Zildjian ZBT splash, and 13" Paiste PST 3 High hats, plus a Yamaha DTX E-kit. These drums create the heartbeat for every CK song, building a foundation for the rest of the band. This island of sounds is where Luke is able to flourish and beat things to death, while also making beautiful music with us.  Fun fact: Luke goes through drum sticks like a horse goes through hay.

Name: Luke Faulkingham

Birthday: July 10

Hometown: Cutler Bay

Interests: Combat Robotics

Favorite Color: Green

Listening to: